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Assistant News Editor Lee Dryden was diagnosed with sleep apnea and uses a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to assist with breathing while sleeping. From a layman’s point of view, he will discuss the benefits, issues, challenges and frustrations of sleeping while wearing a mask.

Monday, February 11, 2013

National Sleep Walk

  The National Mall in Washington D.C. has been the site of many protests, movements and demonstrations that have been documented in history.
  A March 3 event won't be the cause of strife or political debate as it's an initiative everyone can and should get behind: the 3rd Annual National Sleep Walk.
  The Sunday morning event draws attention to sleep health and sleep disorder awareness. It's a 2-mile walk from the Lincoln Memorial along the reflecting pool pathway.
  As I've said before, sleep apnea awareness is growing in importance as millions are undiagnosed. I keep hearing of more people in my life who are going the CPAP route and taking sleep tests. I am proud of them for addressing their health despite their anxiety over the life change.
  There's no better place than the nation's capital to draw attention to a cause. Let's hope officials are listening in this climate of health care cutbacks.
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