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Assistant News Editor Lee Dryden was diagnosed with sleep apnea and uses a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to assist with breathing while sleeping. From a layman’s point of view, he will discuss the benefits, issues, challenges and frustrations of sleeping while wearing a mask.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Are veterans with sleep apnea disabled?

  An attorney is shedding light on what he claims is abuse of the Veterans Affairs claim system with $1.2 billion being paid annually to treat veterans with sleep apnea.
  Florida lawyer Michael T, Webster, a veteran himself, wrote his congressman seeking help to end this "scam," according to a report in Stars and Stripes.
  The rub is that this treatment is covered via disability compensation, which Webster finds offensive in comparison to "real disabilities" suffered by veterans such as his Marine father who lost an arm while serving.
  An American Legion official called Webster's letter "hurtful" to vets with apnea and a VA official said the department wouldn't want to discourage apnea claims.
  My take: I don't consider myself disabled and I doubt my fellow apnea sufferers would either. In no way does my condition, which some could reasonably argue is self-inflicted due to weight gain, compare to war-related injuries or illnesses.
  That being said, CPAP is life-saving treatment and I would hate to see it denied to anyone. How would that honor those who served our country?
  Apnea is a very real affliction not to be dismissed.
  It's an interesting, complex debate. Check out the story here.


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